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Planning For A 3D Scan

You've decided to do a 3D scan and you've chosen an experienced and trustworthy provider, but how ready are you for your scan? Most scans take less than 2 hours to complete, but you'll still need to prepare.

There are two fundamental viewpoints to create the best scan and to expedite the process: aesthetic and practical. For the aesthetic viewpoint, do a complete walk through of your home or space. Check for personal items that you would not want included for the public to see like:

  • Personal pictures 

  • Confidential or personal paperwork (bills/client files)

  • Laundry, trash or clutter

Just like when you have pictures taken, you want your space to look like it's best self too. I also suggest to remove or hide items that might be personal, valuable or illicit. Believe me if I had not seen it, I wouldn't have to say it!

The Golden Rule: If in doubt, don't leave it out 

For the practical point of view, here's what you should do before we arrive to scan your property:

  • Turn on every light in the house - including table lamps, beside lamps, over head lighting, stove hood light, etc.

  • Turn off all ceiling fans

  • Open blinds and curtains

  • Close doors to any rooms or areas you would like excluded from the scan

  • If you have really amazing closets and want them included on the tour, great; just make sure they are neat, organized and everything is off the floor

  • De-clutter your kitchen & bathroom counters

  • Give your pets a vacation at someone else's house for a couple of hours!

  • Clean/mop/vacuum/dust - you want your home to be in the same condition you'd have it for a photographer, but more orderly. 

Remember, the camera we use has 9 lenses and swivels on a 360° axis - IT SEES EVERYTHING! It sees around furniture, every inch of your kitchen counter tops, all the stuff on the bathroom sink, and whatever is lying on the floor in every room. It sees magazines stacked on a table and unorganized bookcases. 

When all the above things are accomplished you are guaranteed to have a great experience and a beautiful scan. Having a 3D tour means you have the unique opportunity to have a 24/7 open house without all the stress and hassle of cleaning and prepping for multiple showings. It also means your business can be welcoming for a client and help them get familiar with your company.

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