Movie / TV Location Scout VR Tours

Now Your Crew Can Visit All Your Locations

Remotely - Via  a 3D Virtual Walkthrough!

Until now, the film location selection process has been based heavily on a 2D model: a series of still photos. Consequently, filmmakers, producers, set designers, art departments, and location scouts must rely heavily on time-consuming, on-site physical and technical inspections of the locations they are considering, as well as of the locations that have already been selected.


No need to bring your entire team out to each remote location for your next project; our team will shoot the interior, exterior and surrounding streets in 3D VR, and supply you with unlimited 4k stills  of each location as well. You'll be able to take accurate measurements within your VR tour, and we can also supply you with a detailed schematic floor plan for each location. Additionally, we'll get your tour and stills back to you within 24 hours. 


We have the same rates for weekdays and weekends; so we're available 7 days a week. Usually we can book your job within 24 hours of you contacting us - often we can shoot your locations the same day!

We are insured and already an approved vendor for Universal/NBC TV.

We offer substantial discounts for booking multiple locations.

Some of Our Most Recent Work:


Old Bank Building DTLA


Banquet Hall


Bar / Arcade